First school week

My first year in high school will be difficult, or that is what I think. I chose SSP, SSP is the most difficult line of education, therefore, I am giving it my best.

In Sandvik high school the classroom is divided in, floor, block, and room for example 13-04 is the first floor, block three and the fourth room.

My way to school is difficult because I live in Vollen and is about one houre away from my school. Vollen is a small town in Asker, there is not a lot to do in Vollen but is a nice place to live.

My class and I are going to a place called Nordmarka. I am getting to know my class and they seem fun, therefore I think this trip will be amazing.

English as a World Languange

English is a great language. Today the majority of people understands English. Most people speak American English, of all who speaks English 67% speaks American English. Even the English was globalized by the Britons under the British empire.

English is important because we use it often in our everyday lifestyle and we use it to communicate with people from other places.

The world is big and there are a lot of different cultures and language around the globe. That is why we need at least one global language, so we can communicate with the rest.



Spent is a game that shows how one month of a poor person with one child is. The game is about economics and it is very realistic. I think it is very interesting but there are some problems that are only really on a few occasions. For example, the child is tired of getting food for free because it makes him look poor but, he is poor and he shouldn’t use money in something he can get for free.

Skyped with other​ students

Yesterday, we skyped with two different schools. One school was in India and the other was in Israel. The purpose of this task was to understand the climate change difficulty other countries have compared to Norway.


In India, There was so much Air pollution that the air was heavy to breathe. This is because of all the C2O in the air. They told us that there had been lots of floods recently. These floods had killed hundreds of people. Climate change caused all these floods, this is a great example of what all the consequences of contamination are.



In Israel, they had a  different climate problem. In Israel, the temperature is extremely high. Is so hat that the water is evaporating. The people and animals don’t have any water to drink or to wash them self.


Today, we Looked at some comment from Australia and we Looked into Bali and their problems with plastic.


Bali is known for its beauty, someone even calls it the island of the gods. In the last years, Bali has been known for something different, instead of the island of gods, the island of garbage. Today Bali is getting better, There are less plastic and its back in all its beauty.



Australia has the same problem as Israel, they have a problem with the heath. The weather is too hot! Is normal that there is not a lot of water in austrailia when there hasn’t been wanter in a long time but with all these hearth people needs more water andthat is something that Australia dosent have right now.


The Longest Government Shut down

Soon there America will have a new record, the longest government shutdown in American history. Donald Trump said, if they don’t give him i will shut down the government, and that is what he did.


The shutdown started on December 22. It has been 23 days and the shutdown is still going. Trump has taken it to far with this shutdown, don’t know how some Americans manage to live without a salary. Imagine all the Americans that live on their saving without an income and still has to work. Let’s hope it ends soon!

what is a good citizen


We think that to work hard and to be a role model is important for society.

Screenshot 2018-11-12 at 10.00.55.pngScreenshot 2018-11-12 at 10.01.12.png

We need to pay taxes to the government so we can have health care and a better place to live in general. working hard is important as well, we help society by doing our job properly.

Being a role model inspire people to help the planet. Leonardo DiCaprio is a big role model, he inspired a lot of people when he talked in the United Nations and he still doses.  These influencers save the planet!

My reading the absolutely​​ true diary of a part-time Indian

The past 5 weeks we have read our book. I have been reading “The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian” and it has been incredible.

This takes place in The pacific northwest town of Wellpinit and Reardan, We know this because he mentioned some of the locations in that area. In Wellpinit is where Arnold (The protagonist)lives with his mother, father, sister, and grandmother. Reardan is the second major setting in this novel. This is where his new school was. Reardan school was twenty-two miles away from his home, but he decided to go there because he wanted a better education. This shows development in the character(Arnold). It shows that he wants to succeed in life even if it takes to leave all his friends. I see this as well as the theme, that if life kicks you down you need to kick right back up. He lives in poverty and gets bullied in school but he fights to succeed in life. He moved to a better school where he didn’t know anybody because his school was bad, that is something to admire.

The plot is about a person who lives in a poor community and up through the stories timeline he experiences tragedies in his family. Even though his conditions he decides to do something about it.


Today we had to have a discussion about a random topic, we choose soccer.

I had my discussion with someone who plays soccer for a very good team. I had a lot of good comebacks, but he wan the argument.

I don’t think I learn so much from this, the only thing I think I learned was that I can be wrong sometimes.