Is it brave to suffer in silence?

Hell naw, to the naw naw naw.

Is not good to suffer in silence because the people may not know that you are suffering. You need to stand up and say what you feel. If someone doesn’t stop after you tell them or bully you, come to school with a baseball bat and if they continue, hit them ass hard ass possible.


what is a good citizen


We think that to work hard and to be a role model is important for society.

Screenshot 2018-11-12 at 10.00.55.pngScreenshot 2018-11-12 at 10.01.12.png

We need to pay taxes to the government so we can have health care and a better place to live in general. working hard is important as well, we help society by doing our job properly.

Being a role model inspire people to help the planet. Leonardo DiCaprio is a big role model, he inspired a lot of people when he talked in the United Nations and he still doses.  These influencers save the planet!

My reading the absolutely​​ true diary of a part-time Indian

The past 5 weeks we have read our book. I have been reading “The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian” and it has been incredible.

This takes place in The pacific northwest town of Wellpinit and Reardan, We know this because he mentioned some of the locations in that area. In Wellpinit is where Arnold (The protagonist)lives with his mother, father, sister, and grandmother. Reardan is the second major setting in this novel. This is where his new school was. Reardan school was twenty-two miles away from his home, but he decided to go there because he wanted a better education. This shows development in the character(Arnold). It shows that he wants to succeed in life even if it takes to leave all his friends. I see this as well as the theme, that if life kicks you down you need to kick right back up. He lives in poverty and gets bullied in school but he fights to succeed in life. He moved to a better school where he didn’t know anybody because his school was bad, that is something to admire.

The plot is about a person who lives in a poor community and up through the stories timeline he experiences tragedies in his family. Even though his conditions he decides to do something about it.


Today we had to have a discussion about a random topic, we choose soccer.

I had my discussion with someone who plays soccer for a very good team. I had a lot of good comebacks, but he wan the argument.

I don’t think I learn so much from this, the only thing I think I learned was that I can be wrong sometimes.


My New Book

Today at school we started with English. We saw an Interview with Sherman Alexis about his book “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” and then we read a little about the book. I think this book seemed very interesting. Then the teacher told us to read “about a boy” by Nick Hornby.

These two books are about indigenous people in the United States of America. After reading about the books the teacher told us to pick one of them to read.

I choose “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexis because is a semi-autobiographical. That is something that I think will be incredibly interesting.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.jpg

My expectations for the book:

  • Explaining how the society works
  • The difference between an Indian and an American
  • Drama